Scale local fundraising efforts and grow your supporter base

Allow regional teams or individual fundraisers to create on-brand materials to promote their fundraising activities and events. Charity marketing portals make it easy for users to find, personalise and create promotional materials anytime online.

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Help supporters create materials to promote their events

Intelligent templates with easy to follow instructions make it simple to customise layouts, images and text. Let the user create a pdf for local printing or order professional print directly from the system. Approved images and locked down areas of templates ensure everything stays on-brand. You can even create a sign off process to view each item before the final version is made available for use.

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The complete local fundraising solution

  • Your charity colours and branding

  • Users create PDF, image or print output

  • Either restrict access or offer a public site

  • Safe and secure cloud hosting

  • Any size or length of document can be created

  • Full approval and sign off controls

  • Include videos, examples and how-to guides

  • Analytics and reports deliver site usage insights

  • No lock in to printer or agency

  • Central image and illustration library

  • Image resize and cropping

  • Offer multiple languages and currencies